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Published: 25th November 2010
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Back links are a vital part of raising your score with the search engines. Buying links can be very expensive and finding sites willing to link to your site can be very time consuming. Still link building should play an important part of your web site promotion strategy.

Submitting your web site to relevant free inclusion web directories is an easy way to gain back links to your web site. There are hundreds of inclusion web directories on the Internet willing to link to you web site for free.

The purpose of this list of web directories is to make it easier to add your web site to a large number of online directories. Choose the Google Page Rank (PR)

below that you would like to start with, the list can be filtered to remove specialty web directories by checking the "View General Directories only" checkbox. Click on the link directory you would like to add your web site to. Click on the add site or the link suggest/add url and follow the instructions of the directory. Often you will be asked to work your way to the most relevant category before you suggest your link for inclusion. When you are finished adding your web site, close the window and choose the next directory.

Automated Directory Submission

While you may want to manually submit your website to the major directories, submitting to hundreds or thousands of directories will take a huge amount of time. This is where directory submission software can be a real time saver. The better software like Deep Linker allows you the control of submitting your site yourself while still doing most of the work for you. When choosing directory submission software there are several things you should make sure that it offers.

* Free Updates - New directories are added every day. You don't want to have to pay to upgrade the software just to get the next set of directories

* Multiple Titles allowed - It's usually best to use several different link text combinations when submitting links

* Captcha help - many directories use a captcha to limit automatic submissions, a good software help you get to that point, entering in all the data for you so all you have to do is enter the captcha

* Allow for multiple websites - Likely you have more than one website, if not, you might in the future. Be sure the software allows you to do the work for multiple sites.

Directory Submission Services

An option for those that don't have the time to add their websites to hundreds of directories is to use a directory submission service. The price varies considerable for these services depending on the features offered. Some of the things that can affect the price are:

* Do they check to see if your website is already in the directory before submitting? If not then the service may only be suitable for new websites that have not been submitted before.

* Do they vary the link text? It's best not to have the text used for the links all the same. If the directory allows, try to switch between several choices of text.

* How many web directories do they submit to?

* Will they give you a list of all the web directories they submit to?

* Over what period of time do they submit to directories? Some will submit to several hundred directories, it might be best to stagger this over a few months.

* What is the mixture of PRs for the directories? You would not want to pay a lot to be submitted to only PR0 directories, while it's fine to submit to them too, you would want to be sure there are many PR5, PR6 and PR7 directories submitted to also.

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